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The PAX MCC web site was the brain child of Al Keim. His desire is to link pax members together with common stories, interests, and concerns. Though the web site ends with .com it is a non profit organization designed to help pax members relate to each other.

If you have any news, notes, articles, or Pax related photos please contact me at <akasper@bethelks.edu> (webmaster@paxmcc.com is currently unavailable — hopefully to be revived soon).

Arlo Kasper,  Administrator, paxmcc.com

2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. I was the oldest member of that first Pax unit that went to Espelkamp.I guess that makes me the oldest Pax boy anywhere.I am now 90 years old. How old would the youngest one be ?
    Richard Rush

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