Letters Home: Memories of a Pax Boy

by Ervie Lowell Glick (Author), 

Christine Marie Glick Fairfield (Editor), Wayne Yoder (Introduction)

Letters Home is a collection of letters written by a young Mennonite man from North Dakota who faithfully wrote home to his parents while spending two years in the early 1960s completing his alternative service through the Mennonite Central Committee Pax program. These letters recount the many adventures, cross cultural learning experiences, and connections he made with both the families whose homes he was helping to build in post-WWII Germany and Austria and the other young men he worked with.

As described by Ervie: It contains 43 full color, high resolution photos that I digitized from slides taken 60 years ago both in Enkenbach and in Salzburg.  Many Paxers will relate to the content and find similar events and opinions from their own experience wherever they may have served.  It’s what a 20 year old would write to his mom from abroad.
Paperback, March 6, 2020
Personal copies of ” Letters Home: Memories of a Pax Boy”  can be purchased from the publisher at Kindle Direct Publishing, amazon.com.  Simply search the title and the author’s name.


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